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In order to view the material for the courses, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat® installed on your computer.
To download a free version of Acrobat Reader®, click here:


All of the courses which are downloadable from the Courses website are Adobe Acrobat® PDF files. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. These files can be viewed and printed on almost any platform and operating system (PC, Mac, Unix, Windows, DOS, etc.) with the Adobe Acrobat® Reader Software. This software is FREE from Adobe® and is REQUIRED in order to view and print these courses.




Download and install the Acrobat® Reader Software. There are instructions on the Acrobat® pages on how to install the program for specific platforms. Please follow them accordingly.

Click here to go to the Acrobat® Reader download site.
Download the courses from the FSU Courses website and save them to your hard drive.
Files can be downloaded for off-line viewing. Internet Explorer: right-click the filename and choose "save target as". Netscape: right-click the filename and choose "save link as". Save the files to your hard drive.
Open Adobe Acrobat® and load the course you wish to view, or double-click the filename.
Print out the course to your local printer.



Note:Some computers may automatically open Acrobat® after downloading files. In addition, all of the newer browsers can use the Adobe Acrobat® plug-in which will allow you to view and print the courses from within your browser. Since these courses contain a great deal of information, the downloads may be quite large. See above for saving the files to your hard drive for off-line viewing.



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